Glass Mosaic Tiles

Some tiles come on paper faced sheets

The indirect method of mosaics can also
be done using paper sheeting.

Installation Guide:
Paper Face Mounted Glass Mosaic

Glass Mosaic Tile SheetsNote: All walls and surfaces must be smooth, even, dry, cured and free from all dirt.

Using the flat edge of the trowel, spread mix evenly onto the wall in the area of one square (4 or 9 sheets). With the notched edge of the trowel (min. 1/8" x 1/8" square notch) comb mortar.

APPLY MOSAIC SHEETS WITH THE FRONT MOUNTED PAPER FACING THE INSTALLER.                                                                   

Keep print on paper running in the same direction. Beat tile with rubber block or rubber trowel to ensure adequate adhesion. Spacing between sheets must be the same as between individual mosaic tesserae.

As soon as setting material starts to cure, with a wet sponge begin to dampen mounting paper.
Starting at a corner, carefully remove wet paper by pulling close and diagonally across the sheet.

Note: Clean tiles thoroughly of any residual glue left from mounting paper after setting material has dried.

Spread grout with rubber trowel in horizontal and vertical directions.
Begin cleaning with dampened sponge, ensuring that the sponge remains flat to the tiles and does not remove too much grout from joints.

Following above steps makes for a uniform mosaic installation.

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