Mosaic Tile Project Gallery

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures
of their projects

Here's a mosaic project of mine.
A stained glass mosaic
on a terra cotta flower pot.

Click on the flowers to see
a neat mosaic project by Michele
in Buffalo, NY

Click on the alligator to
see it in entirety. A great mosaic
work by Falvey in Louisana.

The zebra leads the way to
some great art by Jamie
of Seattle.

Click on the swan to see
a beautiful mosaic mural in progress
by Barb in Pennsylvania.

Click on the mosaic tile shower wall
to see some bathroom treatments
including a great mosaic mirror accent
by Anne in Albuquerque.

Strum the guitar to see
a neat mosaic table in stages by
Valerie in Seattle.

Here are some neat
mosaic bistro tables by Mike
in Maryland.

Here's a mosaic tile project of mine.
I try to show the steps in making
some house numbers.

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