Mosaic Art Gallery

Here a long page about
my latest little project...


I set out to make a mosaic project
for my house address numbers. I
wanted to cover up some dingy brass ones
that were already on the house.

I started out with a piece
of wood that I sealed with
a coating of PVA glue.

I then traced out the numbers
I wanted to make.

I decided that I wanted
a nice definite border
so I cut up some Orchis
Iridium tiles into

You can see my
favorite nippers here.

I glued the cut up tiles
on the wood using my
favorite all-purpose
DAP Kwik Seal.
It cleans up with water
and dries clear.
Just don't use it
for weight bearing

Here I've jumped ahead
a couple steps.

I wanted to get some
fun colors so I used
some tumbled glass
for the interior of the

Then I cut some blue
vitreous tiles in half
for a bright border.

I decided to make
the background a nice blue.
I used whole Deep Sea
Blue tiles following the
curves of the numbers.
I only cut the tiles
where I needed to.

Here it is all grouted with
a light gray grout that
I like to use.

And here you can
see how nice it looks
on my cute brick

I hope this gives
you an idea for a

Thanks for
taking the time
to look,




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