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July 7, 2012

Make some of your summer projects sparkle

with some glass mosaic tiles!

The Billionaire Farmhand
The newest hot romance from Lani Lawton
This novella tells the tale of Billie Johnson
and the mysterious, new man in town…

Discount Mosaic Tile is a website that has a listing of Mosaic Artists, Mosaic Supplies and Mosaic Books.

I’m trying to get pages up about any city where there are mosaic classes, mosaic suppliers, mosaic artists, or pretty much anything else. Let me know if you have suggestions! Here’s the start:

Mosaic Tiles in Albuquerque, Mosaic Supplies in Arlington, Mosaic Pictures around Atlanta, Mosaic Artists in Austin, Mosaic Class in Baltimore, Mosaic Art in Boston, Mosaic Stuff in Charlotte, Mosaic Pizza in Chicago, Mosaic Rock and Roll in Cleveland, Mosaic Suppliers near Colorado Springs, Mosaics of Christopher Columbus, Mosaic of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Mile High Mosaics in Denver, Big Three Mosaics in Detroit, El Mosaico en El Paso, Mosaic Pictures in Fort Worth, Fresh Mosaics in Fresno, Hot Mosaic Tiles in Honolulu, How about Mosaic Art in Houston, Mosaic Tiles are ‘in’ in Indianapolis, Mosaic Projects all around Jacksonville, Art d’Mosaique in Kansas City, Blazing Hot Mosaic Art in Las Vegas,Sunny Suppliers of Mosaic Tile in Long Beach, Famous Mosaics of Los Angeles, I got slugged in Louisville, Mad about Mosaics in Memphis, A mosaic table in Mesa, Art Deco Mosaics in Miami, Mosaics about beer in Milwaukee, Chilly Mosaic Tile in Minneapolis, There’s a country style in Nashville Mosaics, Ragin’ Cajun Mosaics in New Orleans, So Nice they tiled it twice, New York, I’m running out of ideas at Oakland, OK! Mosaics are in Oklahoma City, Does anyony miss Wild Kingdom in Omaha, Brotherly Mosaic Art in Philadelphia, Valley of the Sun Mosaics in Phoenix, Rose Colored Mosaics in Portland, Sacre Blue! There’s art in Sacramento, Mosaic Supplies in San Antonio, Mosaic Tiles on Sale in San Diego, We love Mosaic Marbles in San Francisco, Do you know the way to San Jose?, Rainy Day Mosaic Art in Seattle, More Desert Themed Mosaic Art in Tucson, Can’t say enough about Virginia Beach, Here’s comes Obama! Washington DC

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I'm making a bunch of pages that have information about mosaics
in different cities around the country. Check out Baltimore, Honolulu or Seattle.

Mosaic Tile Arts is located in Hoquiam, WA, halfway between Seattle and Portland.
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Thanks for visiting Mosaic Tile Arts.

I try to keep my prices
low on the mosaic tiles and other supplies for mosaics.
I hope I can help to inspire your mosaic projects and
help share mosaic techniques and resources.

mosaic tile pile
3/4 glass mosaic tiles can be used for craft projects and other artwork. These tiles are solid glass and are moisture and freeze proof. Glass tiles are also called vitreous glass tiles. This is kind of redundant since vitreous just means that they are made of glass. I have sheets of glass tile on sale with a great shipping special. If you'd like 225 mosaic tiles at a time, the sheet is the cheapest way to go. Buy mosaic tile sheets!
a la carte mosaic tiles
If you want to mix and match colors for your mosaic tile project, then you will like to buy tiles on my a la carte mosaic page. Most of the 3/4" glass tiles are 2 cents per tile, but reds and some darker colors are more expensive. You can buy just a few tiles if you want to dabble in mosaics. Buy assorted colors of mosaic tile!
sicis iridium tiles
Sicis tile is made in Ravenna, Italy which has been a glass making center for centuries. This tile can get a little expensive but it looks great when used for art projects or interior decoration with the glass tile. I sell the Sicis Iridium Collection in small quantities with the crafter in mind. The full sheets are around $22.00 per SF but you can buy a ninth of a sheet for $2.30 or less. Check out the Sicis Iridium Tiles!
iridescent mosaic tiles
I have a few colors of iridescent tiles from China that are the same size as the iridium tiles but much cheaper. I have some blues and a green color left in this tile line. A full sheet that is a little over a square foot is only $6.99 and I have a shipping special for this line of mosaic tile as well. Look at the Iridazzo mosaic tiles!
mosaic marbles
Flattened marbles are a neat material for both mosaic projects and many other types of crafty artwork. I have some really shiny electric mosaic marbles and lots of other colors that are a little more subdued. Marbles can also be used in floral arrangements and wedding favors. Here are the mosaic marbles!
recycled tumbled glass

Tumbled glass comes in a couple of varieties. I have tumbled recycled glass in Cobalt Blue, Cascade Greens, Glacier Mist and a mix of the three called Gardener's Blend. This glass is nice for project with plants and fountains, it looks great when it is wet. I've also seen a few installation of tumbled glass in gas fireplaces and other fire pits that is very dramatic. I also have tumbled stained glass in a colorful Rainbow Mix and a high contrast Tuxedo Mix. The tumbled stained glass is the same thickness as the mosaic tiles and works well in conjunction with the tiles for mosaic projects. More about tumbled glass!